Shipping & Returns


Shipping Speed and Tracking 

We ship all orders either same or next business day, pretty much without exception. Tracking is emailed to the email address on the order (your Paypal email typically, please check spam if you do not receive). The tracking email will have a link to check the tracking as well as the estimated time of arrival. For U.S. orders you can expect most to arrive 3-5 business days from time of order!


Stock/In Stock 

All items listed that are available to add to your cart are in stock- we don’t sell what we don’t have unless it’s a special order or rare exception. We DO NOT DROP SHIP ANYTHING, nor do we hold our stock at a fulfillment center.


What we Ship 

Integrity and custody of our product is our primary concern to protect you the customer. We are in a unique position to deliver this to the CBD market, coming from our luxury perfume background. Since 2014 we have been trusted to reliably deliver authentic products with great care; that have also been stored with great care in the most ideal conditions! We only trust what is in our controlled environment storage, delivered to us from the manufacturer. It has been Steve, the owner’s, philosophy going back to the beginning to not only take GREAT care in the shipping of product, but to painstakingly STORE it as well!


How we Ship 

We always ship in boxes, never envelopes or padded mailers (unless a box is inside). We have shipped over 10,000 packages a year for years with nearly zero damage, a bit of Midwestern honesty for you from a shipper- have you ever received something in a padded mailer and thought wow, this product inside could have easily been damaged? Those sellers expect a certain amount of loss due to damage. It’s small but expected regularly. We are prepared to rectify any damage- we expect NONE.

We pay for the few extra ounces to always ship in a box, period. 


Expedited Shipping 

Another example of our Midwestern value of honesty- we are unable to offer expedited or alternate carriers at this time. We are very sorry; we are simply stretched to the gills! We simply don’t have the man hours to do changes right now- this will change however and we hope to be able to do things like next day by late 2019. We are adding on help but training for us can take a couple years- I (the owner) hire based on the person- I am all about finding a person in a unstable career (like mine for decades) and lifting them up and out. We appreciate your support and when you see different options for shipping in checkout that means we are ready! 



First, if there are any issues with your order we are very sorry! We will do our best to rectify any issue, always. We do have a multi-year 99.9% track record for on time and damage free delivery, but in the rare case that shipping that is delayed with the carrier or if there is damage, please let us know so we can lend a hand! Like CBD we are here to help!

Please email us at

Returns are accepted on new, unopened merchandise within 30 days of purchase. Due to health concerns we cannot accept returns or exchanges on any used products. Some products do offer a satisfaction guarantee, if a policy exists, you can view it on the individual product listing. 


Shipping the return back

In sending back your return, please pack it carefully to prevent breakage. If there are any problems printing the label please email us at If you could include something inside with your name and address like it was on the order we would appreciate it! If you still have your packing slip that works too, or printout from paypal or the website. We aren’t picky!

You can contact us at any time during the returns process at


After shipping the return

We respect your time very much and once the return is shipped the rest is automatic. Most returns are processed the next business day with refunds always going back to the original form of payment. We are not able to refund a different way (like to a different card), sorry. The time it takes to show up on your card can vary but typically takes 2-3 days. Please refer to Paypal for the fine print on refunds, as things like checking accounts or non- U.S. accounts can take longer.

Rest assured we are here for you both in purchase and after, and we wish you a great day and hope to see you again!

The Finescents CBD Team