Hand Sanitizer

Established in 2014, we are a local perfume retailer and manufacturer here in Fox Valley, WI .

The FDA has recently allowed perfume and cosmetics manufacturers the ability to manufacture non-sterile hand sanitizer spray and gel to either sell or give away.

We chose the latter and are starting with our local communities and family, which is all of you!

With every order we are including a free hand sanitizer! When ordering, if you don't want the hand sanitizer, just let us know in the comments and we'll donate it locally to someone in need.


Remember soap and water first! These are ideally a backup to when soap and water are not available. We used 80% alcohol concentration as there are some known viruses that 70% preparation still has trouble killing. Please use moisturizer after if you find that it dries out your hands. We used 3 all natural essential oils for the scent. Eucalyptus, Neroli and Speamint. Each sanitizer is 100% natural, non-synthetic.

We appreciate your business, STAY SAFE!